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Women Empowered® Seminar

Join us for our Women Empowered Seminar! This is a Free event must register to reserve your spot! 

Learn how to thwart potential attacks by making yourself a "hard target", Learn how to break from an attacker who grabs you without warning, Learn how to avoid being taken to the ground by a determined attacker. Learn how to escape from underneath an attacker pinning you to the ground. 

Date: Saturday, July 17th 

Time: 2 PM- 4 PM

Ages: 13 and Above! 

Experience: No Experience needed, all are welcome to participate! : No Experience needed, all are welcome to participate! 

Great way to try out Martial Arts, bring your friends and family! 

Event Date: 2020-05-16

Event Time: 2 : 00 PM - 4 : 00 PM

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I understand and have had explained to me that "martial arts" (known as Taekwondo, Kickboxing, and Jiu Jitsu) is taught at the Rosemount ATA Black Belt Academy uses all precautions to avoid any injuries.  However, it may entail some risk of accident or injury and that this may be serious or even mortal as a consequence of the practice of the before mentioned Martial Arts.

In consideration for my attendance and participation in Rosemount ATA’s martial arts training, I, the student/parent, acknowledge the existence of certain inherent risks in this type of training and hereby agree to assume all risks.  

I acknowledge that I have been advised to consult with a physician prior to and regarding my participation in martial arts and I confirm that I have no medical condition which would affect my full participation in Martial Arts. I hereby represent that I am physically fit to receive and participate in the prescribed course of instruction. The required physical exertion may be strenuous and cause physical injury, and I am fully aware of the risks and hazards involved with any physical activity.

I understand and have had explained to me that, along with the possibility of personal injury, injury to property is also possible, such as, but not limited to possible loss of wages and the ability to earn such wages. 

With full knowledge of the aforementioned dangers, both to my person and to my property (current and future), and after having these dangers fully explained to myself and/or to my legal guardian;

I hereby certify and declare that I will release and forever hold free and discharge from liability for injuries caused by my participation with Rosemount ATA Black Belt Academy Inc. and its affiliates, including but not limited to the American Taekwondo Association and Gracie Global LLC. and each of their agents, stockholders, directors, officers, employees and representatives of and from claims, demands, rights and causes of action which may have or which may hereafter accrue to me, arising from bodily or personal injury, damage to property or other loss and any consequence thereof, whether known or unknown, seen or unforeseen, resulting from my participation with Rosemount ATA, their persons and entities mentioned above.

Further, knowing and understanding these risks, I hereby agree to voluntarily assume these risks and to release and hold harmless all the persons or entities mentioned above whom might otherwise be liable to me for damages.  It is further understood that this waiver, release and assumption of risk is forever binding on my heirs and assigns.  I also understand and acknowledge that I have and will maintain appropriate medical insurance during classes/training.

In case of emergency, I hereby authorize Rosemount ATA through its staff to secure emergency medical care.

I have read and understand this release and agreement and agree to its provisions. I am not under their influence of any drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicants. I am not suffering from any illness or incapacity. I am over 18 years of age. (If not over 18 years of age, parent or guardian must sign.)

Pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 604.055, nothing in this agreement purports or intends to waive liability for damage, injuries, or death resulting from conduct that constitutes greater than ordinary negligence.



I am also aware that for purposes of safety, security and quality control surveillance cameras may be mounted throughout the Martial Arts training facilities of Rosemount ATA Black Belt Academy Inc. and its affiliates, including but not limited to the American Taekwondo Association and Gracie Global LLC. Additionally, I understand that Rosemount ATA and its aforementioned affiliates may take photos and videos of me while participating in Martial Arts classes, trainings, events and activities. Furthermore, I understand and acknowledge that the filming, video or photographs may be used by Rosemount ATA and its aforementioned affiliates for marketing and promotions.  I hereby grant Rosemount ATA and its aforementioned affiliates the unlimited use of my likeness for promotional advertisement or commercial use in any format know or yet to be developed in perpetuity and I forfeit any form of payment.  It is further understood that I will not film any classes/training without prior permission from Rosemount ATA and/or its appropriate aforementioned affiliates.